Huy Duc Huy


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I am 27 year-old junior project architect and visualization teacher at ZestArt Studio, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Thoughs five years studies in Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture. I have had some experiences in various positions. I love traveling. out-door activities. roaming and sketching. I am a huge fan of Architects: Norman Foster. Santiago Calatrava . Bjarke Ingels . Rem Koolhaas and Toyo Ito. I grew up in a very strict household that emphasized the importance of education, especially math and science. Soon, I found that my passion lays in the arts and architecture. I decided to attend Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture where I completed my bachelor degree in architecture design. My hometown has been an inspiration and motivation for me in my studying and career paths. The city is faced with the problem of fast rising urban population. Consequently, overloaded roads and traffic jams are happening more frequently. In addition, the environment pollution is also an important issue here. I have studied for the last 6 years with that in mind to find solutions for these problems through architecture and urban design.