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The University of Adelaide - Semester 1 2019.
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Project Description

Placemakingplays an important role in the Tjilbruke Creation theories of the Kaurna people. Nearby Yankalilla is home to the Shrine of Our Lady of Yankalilla which welcomes pilgrims who seek out the miraculous image of Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Not least, the thriving community continues to attract new residents who are drawn to the Fleurieu.
In alignment with this recreational agenda, the DCY seeks ideas to inform the redevelopment of the community space adjacent to the Reservoir. students from The School of Architecture and Built Environment at The University of Adelaide, in collaboration with the DCY, will explore design ideas to redevelop the site adjacent to the Myponga Reservoir and the popular Smiling Samoyed Microbrewery. The students will formulate design ideas for a new community space that will serve as an important hub for this thriving local community, from cradle to grave, as well as a gateway to the Fleurieu Peninsula for visitors who will have the opportunity to dine and dwell in this magnificent region. Food, Tourism and Sustainable Food Security are key themes that underpin this agenda.
This project will culminate in an exhibition of interactive models and selected posters (featuring plans, elevations, sections and realistic digital renderings), prepared by the students, which will be on display for public comment at the Myponga Memorial Hall in late June, 2019. The exhibition will be launched as a community event that aims to generate community engagement and collective discussion about placemaking in this magnificent region. Visitors will be invited to contribute their ideas via the site models (post-it notes, comments) to capture community ideas in a tangible way that is inspired in part by the

Learning Methodology

This studio is run as an architecture studio throught 12 weeks in semester 1 2019. The students will be immersed in the community having an opportunity to take all lessons at the Community Hub allowing the students to experience the area in depth. The studio is open to all built environment disciplines with assessment strategies adapted to allow skill development and evaluation based on their future role as placemakers.

Students will work collaboratively in small groups to plan, design and implement strategies for community engagement. Then, their designs will reflect and respond to the community perceptions gathered during this engagement. Each group will be expected to manage their budget, safety and policies of the Newport area.

It is expected that students enrolling into this studio will be able to develop the following placemaking skills:

How does this studio match PlaceAgency Objectives?

The studio foregrounds site, food and place. Students from a range of cultural backgrounds are to engage with the specificity of the Myponga township and the surrounding landscape, including the Reservoir which is newly accessible to the public for recreational activity. The studio foregrounds site identity with the goal of proposing strategies that are shaped by the needs and aspirations of the local community.

Activities – Studio Outline

ActivityDescriptionKey dates for activitiesKey learning objectives
Week 1-4Site analysis4-30 MarchContext analysis and CAD workshops
Week 5-9Concept development1 April - 13 MayConceptual design
Week 10-13Design and community feedback13 May - 13 JuneSketches, design and community feedback

Location Description

Myponga, South Australia



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This subject is available to students enrolled in The University of Adelaide throughout Semester 1 2019. You can access the handbook by clicking here where you will be able to find more information about the studio.

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Studio Leaders
James Curry
Katharine Bartsch
Project champion

Katharine Bartsch (SABE)

Andy Baker

Andy Baker

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- Landscape Architecture